Positional Therapy and the Snooor wearable device

When used as directed, the Snooor wearable is a snoring aid  that can help reduce snoring and, in some cases,  eliminate snoring altogether.

These claims are based on a body of empirical research cited by such highly regarded organizations as the National Institutes of Health, the National Center for Biotechnology Information and the US National Library of Medicine. These studies, among many others, use the scientific method. As such, the studied effects of positional training must be observable, testable, measurable, quantifiable, repeatable and falsifiable through rigorous and repeated testing.

The list below includes a groundbreaking 1985 study by RD Cartwright, one of the first who looked at the role of positional therapy in preventing sleep apnea.

While the published papers that follow may not make for the most engaging reading, the rigorous science that is the basis for each and every study noted here indicates that positional therapy – the core approach behind the Snooor wearable – can help the highest percentage of snorers and their partners.

The numbers don’t lie: Positional therapy works.